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From Archive to Stage: Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London

How might creative works, such as stage productions, inform our understanding of the past? How do imaginative retellings shape our appreciation of historical events? Matt Shaw considers a recent IHR partnership with the actor Alison Skillbeck, creator of the one-woman show, ‘Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London’.

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Unboxing England’s Histories …

This November, the IHR celebrates 120 years of the Victoria County History with ‘England’s Histories: Unboxed!’, the story of English history in material culture. All welcome, Weds 20 November from 4.30pm.

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Diversity and Inequality in the Library

Libraries ‘know we have a problem’, as a 2019 report by Mohammed Ishaq and Asifa Maaria Hussain for the Standing Conference of National and University Libraries (SCONUL) ‘BAME Staff Experiences of academic and research libraries’ stated firmly.