We start this week with A Day at Home in Early Modern England: Material Culture and Domestic Life, 1500-1700, by Tara Hamling and Catherine Richardson. Sara Fox and the authors discuss a book which presents the complex issues surrounding early modern domesticity in an accessible and engaging manner (no. 2271, with response here).

Next up is Belle Grenville-Mathers’s review article on Ulysses S. Grant, as she tackles two of the latest reappraisals of the general and president, Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant by Charles W. Calhoun and Grant by Ron Chernow (no. 2270, with response here).

Finally we have Tropical Freedom: Climate, Settler Colonialism, and Black Exclusion in the Age of Emancipation by Ikuko Asaka. Tiffany King praises a significant contribution to historiographies of Black colonization (no. 2269).