220px-Elizabeth_Fry_by_Charles_Robert_LeslieThe new virtual issue of Historical Research (Spring 2014)  draws together past and present articles and podcasts on the theme of Charity and Philanthropy.


The Medieval Leper-house at ‘Lamford’, Cornwall. Nicholas Orme and Oliver Padel

‘Inky Blots and Rotten Parchment Bonds’: London, Charity briefs and the Guildhall Library. Mark Harris

Fire Disasters and Fire Relief in Sixteenth-century England: the Nantwich Fire of 1583. C. J. Kitghing

Faith, hope and money: the Jesuits and the genesis of fundraising for education, 1550–1650. Dame Olwen Hufton

‘In a few years we shall none of us that now take care of them be here’: Philanthropy and the State in the Thinking of Elizabeth Fry. Anne Summers

Female Philanthropy and Domestic Service in Victorian England. F. K. Prochaska

Working hard at giving it away: Lord Duveen, the British Museum and the Elgin marbles. Elisabeth Kehoe

Eggs, rags and whist drives: popular munificence and the development of provincial medical voluntarism between the wars. Nick Hayes and Barry M. Doyle

‘Every Citizen of Empire Implored to Save the Children!’ Empire, internationalism and the Save the Children Fund in inter-war Britain. Emily Baughan

Before the Cultural Cold Wars: American philanthropy and cultural diplomacy in the inter-war years. Katharina Rietzler

Working for the Germans: British voluntary societies and the German refugee crisis, 1945–50. Matthew Frank


Cultures of giving and charity: the Clothworkers Company in early modern London. Annaleigh Margey

Voluntarism and democracy in Britain since the 1790s. Brian Harrison

CIMG3713 ‘Improved dwellings for the industrious classes’: H.A. Darbishire’s Peabody model and its relevance for contemporary housing. Irina Davidovici

Fashioning Mothers of the Next Generation: Philanthropy in Birmingham and Sydney, 1860-1914. Elizabeth Harvey

Two Tier Philanthropy: the Philanthropists who funded the Bishop of London’s Fund and the work that the Fund financed, 1863 to 1914. Sarah Flew

Saving Aboriginal Children: Save the Children Aboriginal Preschools, white volunteers and the rural colour bar. Jennifer Jones