Franco-British History seminar
Gaby Mahlberg (Northumbria University)
4 April 2013
Les Juges Jugez, ses Justifians (1663) and Edmund Ludlow’s protestant network in seventeenth-century Switzerland


Abstract: This paper aims to locate English republican thought and writing in a wider European context and to understand the personal connections that aided the distribution and reception of English republican ideas abroad through the case study of a little-known pamphlet published by the English regicide Edmund Ludlow during his exile in Switzerland after the Restoration of the Stuart monarchy in 1660. Les Juges Jugez, ses Justifians (1663) was a French translation of the dying speeches and other miscellaneous texts of some of the English regicides, produced in Geneva and subsequently printed in Yverdon with the help of Ludlow’s local protestant network. Rather than propagating a secular republican ideology, Ludlow offered his work to a European protestant audience in the language of Geneva, promoting a primarily religious cause in an attempt to make martyrs out of political activists. It is therefore to Ludlow’s protestant networks that we need to turn to find out more about the transmission of English republican ideas in Francophone Europe and beyond.

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