The latest issue of Historical Research is now available (vol. 86, no. 232)


‘Magna Carta 1253: the ambitions of the church and the divisions within the realm’ and ‘More light on Henry III’s confirmation of Magna Carta in 1253’, David A. Carpenter;

‘The “Boroughbridge roll of arms” reconsidered’, Bridget Wells-Furby;

‘Talk, script and print: the making of island books in early modern Venice’, Anastasia Stouraiti;

‘”His neighbours land mark”: William Sykes and the campaign for ‘free trade’ in civil war England’, Thomas L. Leng;

‘Was there a British Georgian town? A comparison between selected Scottish burghs and English towns’, Charles McKean;

‘”The potent spirit of the black-browed Jacko”: new light on the impact of John Robinson on high politics in the era of the American Revolution, 1770–84′, Andrew Connell;

‘Quantifying the language of British politics, 1880–1910’, Luke Blaxill;

‘Sculpting the nation in early republican Turkey’, Faik Gur;

‘”Tolerance means weakness”: the Dachau concentration camp S.S., militarism and masculinity’, Christopher Dillon.

Look out for the August special issue Early Medieval Laws in Context based on papers from the 2011 conference at the Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen