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History SPOT usage trends


I thought today I would share with you a few of the stats that we’ve observed from the History SPOT podcast service.  The table below shows how many times podcast files have been played in the browser and downloaded.  The website went live in September 2011 but plays in browser are only recorded from May 2012.  Nevertheless numbers show an increase that has remained approximately steady since September that year.  Downloads tend to range from about 100 to 200 most months.

The final column shows the number of podcasts that we have uploaded to the website since its launch (and a little bit before).  Up until March 2013 there has been 473 podcasts uploaded online, with more following each week.  As of today (7 May 2013) there have been a total of 490 podcasts uploaded onto the site.  We are rapidly heading toward the big 500!

History SPOT podcast stats (March 2013)

History SPOT podcast stats (March 2013)

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