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History SPOT stats – the Seminars and Conferences


The History SPOT podcasts are derived largely from the IHR’s research seminar programme and its series of conferences.  The first of these two tables show the regular contributors to History SPOT (i.e. the seminars who podcast all or most of their seminars) and those who podcast occasionally.  As of March 2013 the Franco-British History seminar (which is an external seminar series held in France) rates the highest number of sessions at 34 with our longest serving podcasting seminar, the Voluntary Action History seminar one session behind them.

History SPOT - seminar sessions uploaded (March 2013)

History SPOT – seminar sessions uploaded (March 2013)

The second table shows the conferences that have been recorded and uploaded to History SPOT.  It should be noted that the statistics here represent the number of podcasts rather than sessions.

History SPOT - number of podcast files uploaded from conferences

History SPOT – number of podcast files uploaded from conferences (March 2013)

One more thing to note before I finish this post.  The Digital History seminar is mentioned in the first table with only 2 podcasts.  They are actually regulars, but they usually live stream rather than podcast.   The same is true for the Gender and History in the Americas seminar.  In reality the Digital History seminar have recorded 18 of their seminars whilst the newer Gender and the History in the Americas have recorded 4.  These are generally available as both video and audio podcast from the website.


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  1. Seth Denbo (@seth_denbo)


    This is interesting to see. It’s great how many of the IHR seminars and conferences—especially those that have been around for a long time—have embraced the new technology to allow wider distribution of the outcomes of historical research. It would be great to also have a post on the uptake of these recording so we can see how much impact the practice of podcasting the sessions is having.

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