Archives and Society seminar
9 October 2012
Barbara Pezzini
From classification to network analysis: the Burlington Magazine Online Index

**Unfortunately the audio quality for this podcast is below our usual standards but has been uploaded to History SPOT nevertheless for historians to use if they wish**

The Burlington magazine is a leading monthly publication devoted to the fine and decorative arts and first published in March 1903.  Its website states that it is ‘both an enduring work of reference and a running commentary on the art world of today’.  Barbara Pezzini agrees, and sees the extensive and wide ranging index to the magazine as a prime target for network analysis.  Pezzini wishes to understand more about past and present relationships between artists, curators, academics and others connected to the art world.   Network analysis allows her to do this via the index that is now available online via JSTOR and made freely available through a simple registration on the Burlington magazine website.

In this talk Pezzini also discusses the history of art magazines in general and their relationship to academic research as well as archives and museums.  The paper is broken down into three sections: the history of the Burlington magazine; its index being placed online; and managing data through network analysis.

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