When you embark on historical research do you think much about backing up your data?  Do you have files scattered all over the place with random names that make it very difficult to figure out what is what?  Have you considered how you might make your data available to other researchers in the future?  These are all questions that are discussed in our brand new and free training course with suggestions made as to how to achieve best practice for preserving your data.  After all, the last thing you want is to lose it all!
The IHR are pleased to announce the arrival of another new and free training course, this time on the subject of data preservation.  The course has been developed by the SHARD project (see the SHARD Blog for details) for delivery on the History SPOT platform.  SHARD is a JISC funded project designed to create greater awareness about data preservation.
You will need to login or register for a free account on History SPOT at which time you will gain access to the data preservation modules, as well as handbooks on designing databases, creating podcasts, and using search engines for research.
To take a look at the data preservation course click here or alternatively register on the History SPOT homepage.