We are very pleased to announce reduced subscription rates for Friends of the Institute of Historical Research and for Fellows and Members of the Royal Historical Society, representing a very substantial discount on the normal individual subscription rate (and a significant enhancement to the benefits of becoming a Friend of the IHR or joining the RHS for those who do not already have access to the Bibliography). We hope that this offer will make the Bibliography more accessible to retired academics and independent scholars. Subscriptions are currently available for the calendar year 2013 but, for those who reply early, subscriptions will commence on 1 October 2012 at no extra cost. Free trails are available until 15 July. For more information about the offer, Friends of the IHR should email the Development Office (or telephone +44 (0)207 862 8791/8764); RHS Fellows and Members should email the RHS office. You can find out about becoming a Friend of the IHR here and there is information about membership of the RHS here.