I have some exciting news for you today.  In the first of many updates to the History SPOT website that we will be undertaking over the next few months, we have now made available all of our back-catalogue of podcasts available outside of the registration.

This means that you no longer need to sign-in to listen to our podcasts.  This also means that the IHR have now realised over 200 past events including seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures for free access on the internet (under a Creative Commons licence).  These include our Anglo-American conferences, seminars from Voluntary Action History, Sport and Leisure History, and Digital History  (to name but a few).

This summer, we will be working hard to make History SPOT easier to navigate and access.  The site will be more closely linked to our main website (www.history.ac.uk) especially where it overlaps with our research training programmes, and we will be releasing even more content in the form of podcasts, research training handbooks and modules, and a few new features that I talk about a bit more in future posts. 

For now, though, please do have a look around the podcasts in History SPOT to see what’s there, especially if you haven’t done so in the past.  If you like what you see please do register to be able to comment on the podcasts and to access our freely available research training content which includes handbooks on Databases, search engines, and podcasting (with much more to come). 

Tomorrow I’ll return to discussing our podcasts with a two part blog post about music-making in the time of Queen Elizabeth I.  So do stay tuned!

Click here to access the podcast pages on History SPOT