The most recent session in our Digital History seminar was a little different from most: a roundtable with a very wide theme. Entitled ‘The Future of the Past’, it featured Melissa Terras (UCL), Adam Farquhar (British Library), Torsten Reimer (JISC) and (in absentia) Andrew Prescott (KCL). The panel members were challenged to survey the whole scene of digital scholarship in history, and to look both backwards and forwards; a challenge to which they rose superbly. 

The contributions from the panel are now available on HistorySPOT. The second part, being a response from Lorna Hughes (National Library of Wales) and the ensuing discussion, will appear at the same location shortly.

The event also prompted some other reflections after the event: from Andrew Prescott (including the text of his paper), and from Greta Franzini in the UCL Digital Humanities blog.