Next Tuesday evening Dan Cohen from George Mason University, Washington will be presenting to the Digital History seminar here in Senate House, London.  As per usual the seminar will also be streamed live across the world on History SPOT.  The topic is finding meaning in a million Victorian books.  Sounds interesting!  I’m guessing text mining is involved in finding meaning but that is entirely a guess on my part, so I look forward to finding out.

This live streamed seminar, however, will be very different as I’ve talked about in other posts.  Dan will be talking to us from over 4000 miles (or 6.5 km) away.  We in Senate House will therefore be joining our online friends and watching Dan give his paper on a big screen projector. 

This is something of an experiment for us as we’ve never tried to stream live online at the same time as watch remotely from Senate House.  Although I and the conveners will have a hot line directly to Dan (via skype) we are not fully in control for this one. 

So please do join us for a paper that promises to be highly interesting, from one of the experts in the field, but also for something slightly different.  A paper presented in America to an audience in England whilst streamed live to the rest of the world. 

The live stream will start around 5.15pm GMT (12.15pm in Washington)   

Dan Cohen (George Mason)
Finding Meaning in a Million Victorian Books
6 March 2012