History SPOT is a continually evolving platform providing provision of Institute of Historical Research seminars, conferences, and workshops as podcasts or live streams and research training materials as handbooks and online training courses.  

At the moment we have quite a back-log of podcasts ranging from seminars to conferences which we wish to make available as soon as possible.  With the new semester almost upon us and even more events scheduled to be recorded we feel that now is the time to begin to shift through these older podcasts.  Over the coming months you will also see an increase in SPOT Newsletter content and its further integration into the podcast pages (where possible).  We really believe that History SPOT should not just be a place to upload podcasts with basic metadata attached but a place where the podcasts are one piece of a larger resource.  From our end we plan to include opinion pieces, abstracts, bibliographies and links where we can, but we also would like help from our visitors as well.

If you have enjoyed a podcast or have any thoughts about them please do post a comment to the relevant page.  If you think that additional metadata tags would be useful for identifying the podcast please feel free to add your own (you will find this option as a tab near the top of each podcast page).  The more people interact with the resources the more useful we believe they will become. 

In the meantime please do have a look at our range of latest podcasts freely available.  If you haven’t yet please do register for a History SPOT account.  Its free, quick to do, and gives you acess to over 200 archived podcasts, related resources, and research training handbooks.