Sport and Leisure History
23 May 2011
Nick Piercey (University College London)
Football Club Membership in Rotterdam in 1914: Walking through the Historic City in Search of the Individual 

In one week of August 1914 the lives of ordinary people began to change as war loomed and mobilisation began.  By looking at individual members of Rotterdam football clubs Nick Piercey gives us a glimpse of daily life, of businesses, transport connections and class division (and unity).  Members of football teams came from a wide variety of backgrounds but each were affected by mobilisation in much the same way.  Although Piercey tries to give a picture of individuals and not simply bare statistics the numerous lists of names, numbers and team affiliations seep through.  The picture is clear, however, Rotterdam on the eve of war maintained its interest in football at all levels and through that interest we can gain a glimpse of the cultural life and interconnectivity of that life in such a city.  


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