On a very blustery September day, a search of Connected Histories for the word ‘storm’ produces 36,190 results, including this from Strype’s Survey of London: ‘in the year 1574. on the fourth of September in the Afternoon, there fell a Storm of Rain, where through the Chanels suddenly arose, and ran with such a swift Course towards the common Shores, that a Lad of 18 years old, minding to have leapt over the Chanel, near unto the said Conduit, was taken with the Stream, and carried from thence towards the Thames with such a Violence, that no Man, with Staves, or otherwise, could stay him, till he came against a Cart Wheel that stood in the said Water-gate, before which time he was drowned, and stark dead’ (http://www.hrionline.ac.uk/strype/TransformServlet?page=book2_201). Of course, not all of the results are related to the weather, or indeed as tragic. The first for the Old Bailey Proceedings Online, for example, concerns an assault committed by the dramatically named Charles Edward Storm. You can explore further at http://www.connectedhistories.org/Search_results.aspx?kw=storm.