We are rapidly approaching the start of a new academic year and therefore a new season for our research seminar programmes.  Most of the seminars for the next year will still run in the Senate House building in which the IHR is located but will likely have a room change due to the temporary relocation. 

Below are a list of seminar groups that have released details of their new programme and venue location.


British History 1815-1945

Venue: Bedford Room G37 Senate House


British History in the Long 18th Century

Venue: various (see webpage)


Contemporary British History

Venue: Kings College London, Strand Building, History Dept., 8th Floor, seminar room


Education in the Long 18th Century

Venue: Court Room, Senate House, South Block (except session 19 November)


European history 1150-1550

Venue: various (see webpage)


History of Education

Venue: various (see webpage)


History of Gardens and Landscapes

Venue: various (see webpage)


Latin American History

Venue: various (see webpage)


Oral History

Venue: various (see webpage)


Psychoanalysis and History

Venue: various (see webpage)


Voluntary Action History

Venue: Torrington Room (104), 1st floor, South Block, Senate House