Goodbye ‘old’ IHR

The IHR is now relocated into its temporary space on 2nd and 3rd floors of the South Block of Senate House.  The library can be found on floor 3 sharing a site with the Institute of Classical Studies Library.  The Director, development office  and administrative staff can also be found here.  The Publications, IHR Digital and two research centres CMH and VCH are located across the upper and lower mezzanine areas which are accessible from the 3rd floor of Senate House.

We are currently setting up a new postgraduate area in the mezzanine.

The 'new' IHR library

IHR library

 For members with lockers these can be found in the basement of Senate House.  Take the stairs or elevator to Senate House basement and turn right.  The lockers are located along the corridors.

We are still waiting for our signage to be delivered.  For the time being we have temporary signs posted.

We are very happy to receive comments on our new surroundings.  Please let us know how we might improve them further. 


Directions to the IHR: Enter the South Block of Senate House and take either the stairs or lifts to the third floor (to your left opposite the Senate House main reception).  When you reach the third floor the IHR reception is directly in front of you as you exit the lifts.   

The library is directly behind the reception desk.  Please ask our receptionist for further directions if required.