With the 2010-2011 IHR seminar schedules at an end and all of the resulting podcasts uploaded online on the www.history.ac.uk website I thought this was a good time to take a moment and look at the statistics from the past year. 




Seminar Group Total Views Unique Pageviews
Sport and Leisure History 622 403
Voluntary Action History 647 370
Franco-British History 798 479
Military History 684 480
Global History 751 489
British History in the Long 18th Century 906 663
Psychoanalysis and History 362 282
Philosophy of History 260 214
Metropolitan History 756 508
History of Libraries 493 398

As you can see from the bar chart and accompanying data the British History in the Long 18th Century seminar group received most hits to their pages with the Metropolitan History seminar, University of Paris Franco-British History, and Notre Dame University Global History seminars coming in a close second. 

The stats however, need further explaining.  Both the British History in the Long 18th Century and Metropolitan History seminar groups received a significant boost from jointly holding our first live streamed session.  Neither the Psychoanalysis and History and Philosophy of History seminar groups held any podcasted events this year so their lower statistics represent visits to podcasts that have been held there for over a year. 

Particularly noteworthy however are the results for the History of Libraries seminar that have only podcasted one session and yet received 493 hits and 398 unique viewings over the last year.   

The stats for the live stream page also shows a strong interest especially considering that we have only held 6 events and only for the last 4-5 months.  Our first screening attracted 478 page views with 40 people actually participating in the live stream itself.  Since then we have received a further 774 page views of our live stream webpage with an average of 10 viewers for subsequent screenings.  Admittedly the contrast between page views and actual attendees to the live stream itself vary considerably but we are nonetheless thrilled that there has been this interest particularly with limited advertisement.    

To have a look at our Seminar and Conference podcasts (including a selection from our recent Anglo-American Conference) go to the IHR Website.