We’re delighted to be able to announce details of the first term of the new Digital History seminar, in association with IHR Digital.
There will be three sessions in May and June, and the first will be on Tuesday 17th May, with Professor Adrian Bell (Reading) and Dr Andy King (Southampton) speaking on ‘The Soldier in Later Medieval England Project – did it do what we wanted it to do?’

Readers might query the need for another seminar in the crowded field of digital humanities. This new seminar does however occupy a distinctive space of its own. In the first place, it is limited specifically to history, rather than the humanities in general. Secondly, it seeks not to examine new digital projects and the potential for future scholarship (valuable though such explorations are.) There are now mature research projects which have been made possible by digital resources, but which are producing results which can be considered on their own merits, independent of the tools used to produce them. As such, a Digital History seminar paper on medieval history will be of interest to all scholars of the period, and only secondarily to specialists in digital scholarship.

It is intended that the sessions be video-streamed live online, allowing scholars to join with the session and to contribute questions to the discussion using the live chat function.
The full programme may be found here.