First Published: 14 December 2010

Original Location: IHR News

Temporary relocation of the Institute of Historical Research, 2011-13: Announcement from the Director

I am pleased to say that the University of London is currently scoping the next phase of the refurbishment of Senate House, which will include the Institute of Historical Research. Once given final approval the IHR will need to evacuate completely its current location from next July through to the summer of 2013. Alternative accommodation will be provided on the 3rd floor of the South Block of Senate House and in the Mezzanine. Whilst everything is being done to minimise the impact on our operations, there will be some unavoidable restrictions. During the period of relocation only one-third of the IHR Library will remain on open access, with the bulk of the remainder of the collection housed in the Senate House Library Tower. The IHR is currently agreeing with the University which sections of the collection should take priority for open access, and on ordering and consultation arrangements for materials in the closed stacks. The IHR is also working with the School of Advanced Study and with the University Conference Office to ensure that the IHR events programme – especially the seminars – is properly accommodated.

To manage the process of temporary relocation, an IHR Redevelopment Board has been set up, with University, School, IHR and user representation. Once the timetable for library and staff moves over the summer of 2011 is agreed we will use the IHR website to communicate with all our users and members on how the relocation is to be phased, and on the new access arrangements. I am also working with the Vice-Chancellor and the Director of the University of London Research Library Services on plans for the IHR returning to its current location in 2013. Whilst this temporary relocation represents a huge logistical challenge for us all, it does mean that the long overdue modernisation of the IHR will now take place, and I shall be working very hard with all our staff, supporters and users to ensure that we end up with an Institute fit for the 21st century. In the meantime, if you have any queries about these proposed changes then please contact me on

With best wishes for the season to you all, Miles Taylor