Metropolitan History and Britain in the Long 18th Century
16 March 2011, 5.15pm
Wolfson Room, IHR
Jerry White (Birkbeck)
City Rivalries and the making of Modern London, 1720-1770

As advertised last week the IHR will be presenting this seminar ‘live’ via webcam and microphone.  We hope that you will be able to join us for the event and perhaps cotribute to the post-paper chat through the ‘chat’ feature (which will also be displayed on the page).

Please visit this page tomorrow where we will be adding the link to the live stream:

I am hoping that live events will become a semi-regular event at the IHR once History SPOT is launched (see more on that over the coming weeks).  In the first instance we are making use of ustream ( to stream our video and audio across the web.  This is, however, not an entirely perfect solution.  For example each viewer will have to watch an advert selected by ustream (not controlled by ourselves) at the beginning of the session.  Thankfully ustream pauses the live stream so that you won’t miss any of the talk, but it is nevertheless a bit of a limitation. 

For this live session we will be using a Samson C01U USB microphone and a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 both plugged into a laptop. 

I’m very much aware that since I began the SPOT Newsletter my Project Updates have largely stopped.  However, History SPOT will be launching soon and over the next few weeks I will begin to show case some of our new content and functionality along with glimpses of the site, our new logo, and a few other teasers of what is to come. 

Please check back later this week for further updates.


History SPOT Project Officer