Just a quick thank you to all those who took part in yesterday’s live stream of the Archives & Society seminar.  Although there was some trouble with getting the videos working that the speaker, Leon Robinson, brought with him, the event was another success. 

Leon was, as promised, lively and entertaining and showed real passion for archives and his primary sources.  He brought with him numerous photographs, letters and images and some short video clips.  All of which were very interesting and brought that something extra to the session. 

Leon talked about black performers largely from Victorian and twentieth century Britain and lamented how easily source materials can disappear over time.    

This time we used Livestream’s procaster (www.livestream.com) to stream our seminar and a chat widget from Zoho (www.zoho.com).  Both systems worked better than our previous systems. 

With the seminar season winding down for Easter we will probably have a bit of a gap before we can announce our third live stream but when we do we will hopefully have improved the system even more. 

Indeed, we are hoping that History SPOT (our new platform for podcasts and research training) will have launched before the next live stream, and will from that moment on become the primary host for all of the IHR’s live streams.

Till next time!