The following articles are now available online in Historical Research’s Early View issue:

Exhibiting a new Japan: the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 and Expo ’70 in Osaka by Sandra Wilson

A catalyst for secession? European divisions on the parliamentary right of the Labour party 1962–72 and the schism of British social democracy by Stephen C. Meredith

‘The eyes of an empire’: the Legion of Frontiersmen, 1904–14 by Michael Humphries

Revolutionary tribunals and the origins of terror in early Soviet Russia by Matthew Rendle

‘Appeasement’ or consistent Conservatism? British foreign policy, party politics and the guarantees of 1867 and 1939 by Geoffrey Hicks

Ideas of the metropolis by Derek Keene

Mercurius Britanicus on Charles I: an exercise in civil war journalism and high politics, August 1643 to May 1646 by Joyce Macadam