The summer hiatus has proven very useful to completing work on several reports. The most significant of which is my analysis of the survey that I advertised back in May/June on this blog.

The results were fantastic. We received a response from 301 academics. Most were historians from across the UK but we also got some feedback from a few archaeologists, English scholars and historians from other parts of the world. A big thank you to everyone who took part!

The results show that there is indeed a strong interest in podcasting the IHR seminars (big relief here!) and that people are interested in the possibilities of interacting on an online space to further research and to make new contacts.

Particularly welcome was the potential for those outside of London to be able to take part in the IHR’s seminars. There were some concerns raised as well – issues related to plagiarism and the effect podcasting might have on the seminars themselves. This is all contained in the report which I have posted below.

As advertised with the survey one lucky respondent won a one year subscription to the IHR journal Historical Research. I am pleased to announce that our winner was Nell Darby. Congratulations!

I’m now on holiday for a week, enjoying what I hope will still be England’s sunniest summer for a long time. When I get back my main focus will be to work with ULCC on creating the platform and writing up lots of text to appear on the website.

More soon.

IHR Online Research Seminar Delivery Survey (29 July 2010)