We have recently introduced a big improvement to the way our annotation feature for British History Online works, enhancing the experience for both annotators and readers. You will need to be logged in, but now simply double clicking on a line of text brings up the annotation pane. The most important feature of the enhancement is that the tool recognises the part of the text that you double clicked, so that when the annotation is published there is a hyperlink to it at the appropriate point. Readers browsing through BHO will now start to see hyperlinks in texts where readers have annotated, so that they can easily see what has been commented upon. Not all of the texts on BHO can be annotated, but hundreds can and we are planning to extend the feature more widely across the site. If you’re not sure if a page can be annotated, the way to tell is that the green citation box at the top will have a link that says “Comment on this article” as in this example.

Remember that when you add annotations these will all be saved for you in the ‘View Your Annotations’ page of ‘My Account’.