Four new reviews and two responses have been published this week in Reviews in History.

Our 800th review is a double-header, with Robert Poole tackling two histories of popular protest, Katrina Navickas’s Loyalism and Radicalism in Lancashire 1798-1815 and Adrian Randall’s Riotous Assemblies: Popular Protest in Hanoverian England.

Then Rhonda Semple (no. 801) reviews Alison Twells’ The Civilising Mission and the English Middle Class, 1792-1850: The ‘Heathen’ at Home and Overseas, a study of missionary philanthropy both abroad and back in England. Alison’s response can be found here.

Glenn Richardson’s edited collection ‘The Contending Kingdoms’: England and France 1420-1700 spans three centuries of contact between the two nations, and is reviewed (no. 802) by Simon Lambe.

Finally we have an account by Paul Flewers of British attitudes to the Soviet Union under Stalin, critiqued (no. 803) by Geoffrey Foote with a response by the author here.

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