A variety of different subjects and periods are covered by the reviews this week.

First Jill Steward appraises Susan Barton’s study of the beginnings of the Swiss tourism industry in her review (no. 796) of Healthy Living in the Alps: the Origins of Winter Tourism in Switzerland, 1860–1914.

Then we have two reviews by Ariel Hessayon, in the first of which he assesses (no. 797) François Soyer’s The Persecution of the Jews and Muslims of Portugal. King Manuel I and the End of Religious Tolerance (1496–7), a look at the events leading up to the expulsion of the Jews from Portugal. The second (no. 798) deals with a work which, in contrast, examines a period of gradual and informal Jewish readmission to England, Eliane Glaser’s Judaism without Jews: Philosemitism and Christian Polemic in Early Modern England. Her response can be read here.

Finally there is an amicable exchange (no. 799 and response) between Gareth Atkins and Richard Blake over the latter’s exploration of the increasing concern for spiritual and moral wellbeing in the British Navy in his Evangelicals in the Royal Navy, 1775–1815: Blue Lights and Psalm-Singers.

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