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A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity, ed. Debra Kelly and Martyn Cornick, is published by the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

Price: £40.00, hbk; £30.00, Kindle
ISBN: 978-1-905165-86-5
Published: 2 July 2013

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Table of contents

Introduction: ‘The French in London: a study in time and space’, Martyn Cornick & Debra Kelly

‘A special case? London’s French Protestants’, Elizabeth Randall

‘Montagu House, Bloomsbury: a French household in London, 1673-1733’, Paul Boucher & Tessa Murdoch

‘The novelty of the French emigrés in London in the 1790s’, Kirsty Carpenter
Note: French Catholics in London after 1789

‘Courts in exile: Bourbons, Bonapartes and Orléans in London, from George III to Edward VII’, Philip Mansel

‘The French in London during the 1830s: multidimensional occupancy’, Máire Cross

‘Introductory exposition: French republicans and communists in exile to 1848’, Fabrice Bensimon

‘The French left in exile: Quarante-huitards and Communards in London, 1848-80’, Thomas C. Jones & Robert Tombs

‘”Almost the only free city in the world”: mapping out the French anarchist presence in London, late 1870s-1914’, Constance Bantman

‘Experiencing French cookery in nineteenth-century London’, Valerie Mars

‘The London French from the Belle Epoque to the end of the inter-war period (1880-1939)’, Michel Rapoport

‘French cultural diplomacy in early twentieth-century London’, Charlotte Faucher & Philippe Lane

‘Mapping Free French London: places, spaces, traces’, Debra Kelly

‘”The first bastion of the Resistance”: the beginnings of the Free French in London, 1940-1’, Martyn Cornick

‘Raymond Aron and La France Libre (June 1940-September 1944)’, David Drake

‘From the 16ème to South Ken? A study of the contemporary French population in London’, Saskia Huc-Hepher & Helen Drake

Conclusion: ‘A temporal and spatial mapping of the French in London’, Debra Kelly