Now trialling:
Ethnic American Newspapers from the Balch Collection, 1799-1971
South Asian Newspapers, 1864-1922
Trial ends: 19 November 2021.

The trial is available through library PCs or via UoL Libraries Wi-Fi only.

We are currently trialling two Readex World Newspaper Archive resources: Ethnic American Newspapers from the Balch Collection, 1799-1971 and South Asian Newspapers, 1864-1922. These are available until 19 November cross-searchable with other Readex resources to which Senate House Library already subscribe.

South Asian Newspapers, 1864-1922 gives access to ten newspapers published in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It “covers the aftermath of the Indian Rebellion; construction of railroads; effects of British Colonial rule; Hindu-Muslim conflicts; life on coffee, tea and rubber plantations; Morely-Minto Reforms; formation of the Indian National Congress; start of Mahatma Gandhi’s independence movement; economics, politics, the arts; and much more. Offering a variety of perspectives, the important newspapers in this collection are ideal for comparing and contrasting views on both local and global issues.” (from

Ethnic American Newspapers from the Balch Collection, 1799-1971 “features more than 130 fully searchable newspapers in 10 languages from 25 states—including many rare 19th-century titles—this online collection provides extensive coverage of many of the most influential ethnic groups in U.S. history. With an emphasis on Americans of Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Welsh descent, this unique resource will enable students and scholars to explore often-overlooked aspects of this nation’s history, politics and culture”. (from

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