We’re really pleased to announce that selected IHR seminars are moving online to continue their programmes over the coming weeks.

For many seminar series, the Summer term programme begins in early-mid May. Below you’ll find details of those IHR seminars currently hosting forthcoming sessions as online events.

Current IHR seminars available online

The following seminars series are now available online, with one or more session/s planned in May, June and July. Please check the seminar’s individual page on the IHR website for further information regarding research topics, dates to meet, the distribution of papers in advance and how to make contact on the day.

If you convene an IHR seminar …

And would like to move your Summer series online, please contact the IHR’s Events Manager, Gemma Dormer: gemma.dormer@sas.ac.uk. We’ll provide guidance, as needed. We’ll also add your series to the list above to create an up-to-date record of online IHR seminars available over the coming few months.

If you attend an IHR seminar …

Please note that the precise format of a seminar may vary, according to the preferences of the series convenors.

For example, some sessions (such as Ian Atherton’s paper to the British History in the 17th Century seminar, 7 May) will distribute advance copies of a paper by email.

Others (for instance Adam Crymble’s talk to the British Long Eighteenth-Century Seminar, 20 May) are now available as videos to watch in advance.

Adam Crymble’s seminar paper, 20 May

In each case, seminar participants will then gather in real-time via the digital conferencing platform Zoom to discuss the paper with the presenter and fellow attendees.

Details of how to join the live seminar session will be provided by the seminar convenors. Contact details for the respective seminar series are available via the series links above.

Other online IHR events

In addition to these IHR seminars, the Institute is also planning — and hosting — a range of online events between May and July.

Details of current events are available via the IHR Events page and are marked *ONLINE* in the title field. Further events will added as they’re finalised in the coming weeks.