by Shadia Moussa and Sara Charles

With the 2019 election looming, we looked at the resources in the Bibliography of British and Irish History to see what it could tell us about publishing trends in political history.

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This graph shows a comparison between records on the BBIH in 2012 and in 2019. Probably unsurprisingly, Churchill is the most written about by far, followed by Margaret Thatcher. The other end of the scale shows Boris Johnson and Theresa May with barely one record between them (unsurprising as they are such recent PMs) – although there will be at least two new books about May’s time in Downing Street featuring in our January update. The biggest percentage leaps in resources written were for Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, which would demonstrate the natural passage of time to reflect on a PMs contribution before formally producing a historic analysis. However, the growth in material about David Cameron (from 4 to 26 records) may also show the surge in political interest in the last few years, which has driven historians to look at the behaviour of the most recent PMs to chart the path to our current political situation.

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This second graph shows the breakdown of resources covering the main political parties in the UK. The big three are Labour, Conservative and Liberal Party. Subject trends for the Labour Party include war, liberal reform, Attlee, Middle East, Zionism/Israel, Ireland, Blair and Socialism, while major themes for the Conservative Party include Churchill, Thatcher, feminism/women, Macmillan, unions, foreign policy and Cameron. The table below shows a list of key political themes by monarch:

The BBIH currently has 3583 resources on elections. With our search features that allow you to tailor your research by date, area, people and index terms, why not use the Bibliography to spot your own publishing trends? You may find the inspiration for your next article, or identify a gap in research that no one else has!

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Shadia Moussa is a second year History and Politics BA student studying at Queen Mary, University of London. She is currently doing an internship at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR).