The Bibliography of British and Irish History has been updated with almost six thousand new records! Some 682 new records relate to Irish history, while 264 deal with the history of London, 396 with the history of Scotland and 152 with Wales. The overall total number of records available online is now 609,754 of which 5150 were published in 2018-19.

In even more exciting news, we now have linked book reviews! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that all your searches will be top heavy with reviews – they are located underneath individual records, creating useful links for further information:

We also have refined our search criteria, and added a ‘Type of publication’ field, so you can now specify whether you want to search by article, book chapter, monograph or miscellany (collective volumes). You can also search by thesis, opening up an important body of material focused on the history of London. The data was originally compiled by the Centre for Metropolitan History, however we hope to start adding other theses in the near future.

We are extending the range of journals that we cover, particularly with a view to ‘decolonizing’ the Bibliography and new journals that have been recently added include the Journal of West African History. We have updated our holdings for the Society of Malawi Journal and Journal of South African History, and added the new indexing term ‘Pan-Africanism’

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and explore the Bibliography of British and Irish History now!