By Simon Baker

An update to the Bibliography of British and Irish History was published on 4 October 2018. There are 3,447 new records. Some 398 new records relate to Irish history while 205 deal with the history of London, 215 with the history of Scotland and 115 with Wales. The overall total number of records available online is now 603,810.

In addition, there have been a number of changes at the Bibliography. Professor Stephen Taylor stepped down as Academic Editor of the Bibliography earlier this year and we’d like to take this opportunity of thanking Stephen on behalf of the wider historical community for the huge amounts of energy and commitment that he has put into steering the Bibliography over the past seven years. We are pleased to welcome the new Academic Editor, Professor Roey Sweet, who is also BBIH Section Editor for Britain 1714-1815.

We also welcome two new Section Editors to our editorial team, Dr Richard Butler and Dr Zoë Groves of the University of Leicester.

Dr Butler will be dealing with Irish history from 1800. He is Secretary of the Society for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Ireland and co-founder and Secretary of the Irish Modern Urban History Group. He succeeds Dr Colin Reid, for whose expert help over the last four years we are indebted.

Dr Groves will be dealing with imperial history after 1783. She is Lecturer in Modern Global, Colonial and Postcolonial History at Leicester and her research interests include the social and cultural history of central and southern Africa as well as the formation of diasporas in the colonial and postcolonial world. She succeeds Dr Alex May for whose specialist help over the last eight years we are very grateful.

We expect to release the next update in February 2019. You can always find out more about the Bibliography or, if you already have access, you can sign up for email alerts so as to be notified each time the Bibliography is updated with records on a subject or subjects of your choice.

Simon Baker is one of the editors of the Bibliography of British and Irish History.