Historical Research, vol. xci, no. 251


Simon de Montfort. Image: Wikipedia

Simon de Montfort’s sheriffs, 1264–5. Richard Cassidy

Counties without borders? Religious politics, kinship networks and the formation of Catholic communities. James E. Kelly

‘Round-head Knaves’: the Ballad of Wrexham and the subversive political culture of Interregnum north-east Wales. Sarah Ward Clavier

Venality at court: some preliminary thoughts on the sale of household office, 1660–1800. R. O. Bucholz

War, public debt and Richard Price’s Rational Dissenting radicalism. Anthony Page

Troubling agency: agency and charity in early nineteenth-century London. Megan Clare Webber

The American Association for the Advancement of Science committee on evolution and the Scopes trial: race, eugenics and public science in the U.S.A. Alexander Pavuk

The Socialist International and Italian social democracy (1948–50): cultural differences and the ‘internationalisation of domestic quarrels’ Ettore Costa

Notes and documents:

The Cheshire Magna Carta: distinctive or derivative? Graeme J. White