The latest issue of Historical Research (vol. 86, no. 234) is now available, and includes the following articles:

Stormont’s response to American racial segregation in Northern Ireland during the Second World War by Simon Topping (FREE ACCESS)

Bishops and deans: London and the province of Canterbury in the twelfth century by D. P. Johnson

Reintroducing the emperor and repositioning the city republics in the ‘republican’ thought of the rhetorician Boncompagno da Signa by Gianluca Raccagni

Chivalry, British sovereignty and dynastic politics: undercurrents of antagonism in Tudor-Stewart relations, c.1490−c.1513 by Katie Stevenson (online open: FREE ACCESS)

Remembering usurpation: the common lawyers, Reformation narratives and the prerogative, 1578–1616 by David Chan Smith

‘The embers of expiring sedition’: Maurice Margarot, the Scottish martyrs monument and the production of radical memory across the British South Pacific by David S. Karr

Canning, the principle of non-interference and the struggle for influence in Portugal, 1822–5 by Norihito Yamada

‘The People’s Advocate, Champion and Friend’: the transatlantic career of Citizen John De Morgan (1848–1926) by Rob Allen

Eggs, rags and whist drives: popular munificence and the development of provincial medical voluntarism between the wars by Nick Hayes and Barry M. Doyle