I’ll be taking a nice long Easter break this year which means, I’m afraid, no updates to this blog or to the History SPOT site for a week.  Nonetheless there’s still plenty here to have a look at and much more on its way.

Buried deep within the IHR digital vaults are podcasts from past IHR conferences, and the remaining seminars that have been presented this year.  We also have a research training handbook on the topic of online catalogues just waiting to be released.  At the moment we are working on various other training materials that will find their way to History SPOT.  Keep an eye out on our HISTORE project for example.  HISTORE aims to provide several case studies and modules introducing digital tools that might be of use to historians.   Our colleagues at ULCC (University of London Computer Centre) will also be providing us with training resources derived from their SHARD project (looking into matters of data preservation).  We are also developing a Databases for Historians Online course to extend what we have already provided as a handbook.  Although this particular databases course will be chargeable it will also represent the most extensive online course on this topic that has thus far been attempted.

See you all in a week!