In two earlier posts I discussed the History in Education conference (see History in Education Conference 2011 (12 January 2012) and History in Education – History Today article now out! (27 January 2012) that was held in the IHR last year.  The conference proved a success but the real importance lies in the accompanying book written by David Cannadine, Jenny Keating, and Nicola Sheldon: The Right Kind of History: Teaching the Past in Twentieth-Century England (2011). 

That book has now been reviewed by Dr Peter Mandler in our Reviews in History site.  Mandler argues that the books is both ‘timely’ and ‘long overdue’ and will have a role in future policy debates concerning History in education.  What role exactly the book will have is still to be determined but at the very least Mandler believes that ‘the authors can be proud of the fact that their book will certainly serve not only as a starting-point for future historians of history teaching, but also as a model for future historians of all the other parts of the school curriculum’. 

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