The November issue of Historical Research (vol. LXXXIV, no. 226) is now available.


Church, state and law: solutions to lay contumacy in the Anglo-Scottish borders during the later thirteenth century. Philippa M. Hoskin

Grave stuff: litigation with a London tomb-maker in 1421. Nigel Saul, Jonathan Mackman and Christopher Whittick

Thomas More, joint keeper of the exchange: a forgotten episode in the history of exchange control in England. George Ramsay (with comment by Martin Allen)

Uncovering the legislative process in the parliaments of James VI. Alan R. MacDonald

‘The Warre of the Commons for the honour of King Charles’: the parliament-men and the reformation of the lord admiral in 1626. Thomas Cogswell

The playing card trade in early modern England. Nicholas Tosney

Irish immigrants in Scotland’s shipyards and coalfields: employment relations, sectarianism and class formation. John Foster, Muir Houston and Chris Madigan

Revolutionary tribunals and the origins of terror in early Soviet Russia. Matthew Rendle

Rethinking a progressive moment: the Liberal and Labour parties in the 1945 general election. Peter Sloman