Recently we have uploaded brand new podcasts from two highly successful conferences held this year at the IHR.  The first are a selection of podcasts from our annual Anglo-American conference.  This year the subject was Health in History, which proved both timely considering what is happening with the NHS and fascinating as a subject area.  The second is a one day event celebrating the life and influence of Asa Briggs.  Asa Briggs turned 90 this year and this event provided the perfect opportunity to look at his varied career and to hear Asa Briggs own views and memories first hand. 

We have also now uploaded all outstanding podcasts from the 2010-2011 seminar season.  Over the coming months the SPOT Newsletter will talk about these in further detail but in the meantime please do feel free to have a look around. 

To view these podcasts please click on the icons below.