Radio Times for the period 1936-1939 is available online. The relevant sections covering television are available as searchable PDF files and includes details of the programmes available to watch at the time. For instance on Christmas Day 1938 one could view “Moonshine”, a fantasy by Laurence Housman; a Christmas party at St George’s Hospital; and a performance of Noël Coward’s “Hay Fever”. The issue for 23rd October 1936 – the “Television Number” – is complete and offers articles on, “The coming of television” and “A personal forecast of the future of television” by Gerald Cock, the Director of Television, as well as featuring numerous adverts for televisions and radios. The 23rd April 1937 edition discusses the televising of the coronation procession and the logistics of outside broadcasting. There is also a short history of the publishing of the Radio Times.