After the summer hiatus the IHR research seminars began in earnest again last week.  Thus, so too did our podcasting efforts.  This academic year we hope to expand upon our already successful podcast series and, in semester two, experiment with some live events.  Of course this academic year will also see the launch of this project’s main focus; the IHR’s new platform for podcasting and research training, the History SPOT.  Progress is being made in leaps and bounds now.  We have the early stages of a platform nearly built and will soon be uploading content in earnest.   

In other news IHR Digital (the institutes new digital research, consultancy and publishing service) was officially launched last week.  Professor Sir Deian Hopkins, an early enthusiast of electronic research, introduced the event and helped us to make it a great success.  The History SPOT is just one of the various exciting projects in process by the IHR Digital team. 

In the meantime, I’ve felt for quite a while that I could make more of this blog.  Therefore, from today I will be instigating a bi-weekly update on all the IHR podcast and online research training materials news.  I hope that this will not only be informative but will also add something extra to the materials that we are putting online.  As always, feedback is always appreciated.