On Friday 3rd September I announced on the IHR ‘History’ website and via Twitter that the Seminars and Research Training Project has been given a new name.  The name that we have selected is The History SPOT.  SPOT stands for ‘seminar podcasts and online training’ and the title is intended to attract the idea that this is a place for historians to go for learning, research and training resources as well as discussion and collaboration. 

 Its taken quite a while to settle on a name for the project.  I hope you like it (any comments are welcome!).

As project officer, I have of course been doing more over the last month or so since my last post than coming up with a name.  The building of the website structure based on a combination of Moodle and Mahara is on track and we will soon have something to test.  The first research handbooks have been drafted by my colleague Mark Merry.  These first handbooks will focus on databases for historians – more on that at a later date.  I have also been working on text for the website and an article, which goes into activity and expectations of podcasting in academia. 

 With the new academic year almost upon us I must admit that I’m looking forward to the research seminars, and thus the podcasts, starting up again.  The next few months will prove crucial for this project and should be an exciting time! 

 More updates soon!