Well, what an exciting couple of days its been at the IHR.  Not only is the 79th Anglo-American conference in full swing (the topic is Environments, for those who haven’t had a look at the programme) but our new ‘History’ website was launched late on Wednesday (www.history.ac.uk/). 

These two events are important stepping stones for this project also.  For the second year running we are recording a selection of sessions from the Anglo-American conference.  So far all the recordings have gone well (although at least one session seems to have very low audio!).  The first plenary session has now been edited, and I’m well on the way to editing some of the other files.  These will be made available online very soon, so everyone can listen to a sample from what is proving to be a highly interesting (and potentially important) conference. 

For those of you who are wondering where the podcasts from last years conference can be found, well, watch this space.  The audio recordings have been lying hidden away in the IHR hard drives for the best part of a year.  However, as of last week all of these have been edited and are more or less ready to go. 

The second development this week, the new IHR website (definitely worth spending some time looking through this!) provides a glimpse into the future for the IHR podcasts.  The new layout and indexes will be taken up also by this project as part of our attempt to make the seminars more easy to find and search.  

More soon.  I’m off in search of free sandwiches 😉