We conclude our month of city-based pieces today with the following three reviews.

In Portuguese Colonial Cities in the Early Modern World Liam Brockey edits a collection of articles focussing on cities with various degrees of connection to the Portuguese empire. Kathleen Sheldon (no. 773) reviews it here.

Our next review, by Leif Jerram (no. 774), is of a textbook covering 150 years of European history from the perspective of the city, Cities and the Making of Modern Europe, 1750–1914 by Andrew Lees and Lynn Hollen Lees. Their response can be found here.

Finally Dario Gaggio (no. 775) reviews Florence 1900. The Quest for Arcadia by Bernd Roeck, which looks at the different ways in which the city was perceived and described by some of the many expatriates who lived there at the turn of the century.

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