Six new articles have been published online in our Early View issue on the Wiley-Blackwell/Historical Research website:

‘”A proud and headstrong man”: John of Ivry, bishop of Avranches and archbishop of Rouen, 1060–79’. RICHARD ALLEN

‘Historical writing in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Scotland: the Dunfermline compilation’. ALICE TAYLOR

‘William Lambarde on the politics of enforcement in Elizabethan England’. NEIL YOUNGER

‘Creole languages and their uses: the example of colonial Suriname’. NATALIE ZEMON DAVIS

‘Faith in the factory: the Church of Scotland’s industrial mission, 1942–58’. ELAINE MCFARLAND AND RONNIE JOHNSTON

‘The Creighton century: British historians and Europe, 1907–2007’. R. J. W. EVANS