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Women and Peace: Hannah Priscilla Peckover

After the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War (1870 – 1871), Hannah Priscilla Peckover of Wisbech, Cambridge, a staunch Quaker, committed herself to protesting against the suffering caused by war.

Women’s education, to the power of Nine

May 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the first exams sat by women at a British university. Philip Carter considers the nine pioneering students and the questions they faced in 1869.

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This month in ‘Reviews in History’

Our highlight this month on Reviews in History is a fascinating discussion between Scott Newton and David Edgerton of the latter’s The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: a Twentieth Century History.

The market imperfections of business, shoppers and consumerism

By Lawrence Black Much recent work on consumerism, from Frank Trentmann on things, to Bethany Moreton’s brilliant study of Walmart, through to Robert Miller’s anthropological work, has creatively and productively entangled shopping, politics, everyday life and the...

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Bibliography of British and Irish History – Update September 2019

The Bibliography of British and Irish History has been updated with almost six thousand new records! Some 682 new records relate to Irish history, while 264 deal with the history of London, 396 with the history of Scotland and 152 with Wales. The overall total number...